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Successful brands have two ingredients in their secret sauce;
solve a problem, and they tell a great story.

I proudly lead and develop the teams that craft these stories. 


Hi, I'm Kathleen Ross, a Chief Marketing Officer and award-winning creative leader with more than 15 years of experience building brands. I have helped companies, from startups to Fortune 5000 enterprise organizations, scale their businesses and build outstanding marketing teams at all stages. 

As a leader, I help companies identify whitespace opportunities, execute flawless campaigns from ideation to launch, and inspire those around me to create their best work. 

Kathleen Ross Creative marketing consulting provides solutions and supports businesses of all sizes. 
Are you an enterprise brand looking for marketing executive support?
For enterprise brands, I can support as a marketing and creative executive consultant. Acting as your fractional CMO or Chief Brand Officer, I can help lead and assess your current marketing team as an interim leader, develop your marketing strategy and, or take an initiative across the finish line as a contract project. That sounds like the perfect solution, right? Learn more about my experience and executive capabilities, and let's schedule a call.

Miami / New York / Boston

Award-Winning Creative & Marketer
Leader | Mentor | Speaker 


Kathleen Marianne Ross

Chief Marketing Officer



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