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CREATIVE DIRECTION  | monat skincare

Expanding its innovative approach to naturally based anti-aging beyond haircare, MONAT proudly introduces MONAT Skincare: a revolutionary new line of products formulated for all skin types. Formulated with four exclusive science-backed technologies to provide radiantly beautiful skin at any age, MONAT Skincare offers a complete solution formulated to fulfill seven Anti-Aging Promises: Improve Brightness & Radiance, Reduce Age Spots, Even Out Skin Tone, Improve Elasticity, Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Improve Texture, Improve Moisture and Hydration

+ Branding

+ Campaign Video & Photography 

+ Packaging

+ Product Photography

+ Website Design 

Launch Campaign 2019 

Monat skincare

Miami // New York // Boston

PO Box 630663 

Miami, FL 33163


Kathleen Marianne Ross

Creative Director



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